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Address: Rødmyrveien 24, 8309 Kabelvåg Date: Monday 1 jan 2018 - Wednesday 11 Apr 2018 Show map

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Address: Rødmyrveien 24, 8309 Kabelvåg

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is an Arctic experience that brings joy and wonder from participants of all ages and experiences.

Up north in the Lofoten Islands, the sun's explosive behavior gives amazing performances from autumn through winter. More than once have I, along with other local people, been left with sore neck and mouth open, staring up at this ridiculous play of light up in the sky.

Our tours leave in the afternoons and evenings from autumn until mid-April. During summer time, there is too much light to see the Northern Lights, but from the last week of August, it starts to get darker and it becomes possible to see the Northern Lights again.

On our trips we go to areas where there is minimal interference from artificial light. In those areas, the Northern Lights reign alone. Often, we go with groups from 4 to 15 people for a trip lasting up to 3 hours. If you want to come with a larger group, we need more guides and some other equipment, but there is no problem for us to arrange this for you. On most of our tours, we go on snowshoes into the countryside to get both silence and as little 'artificial' light pollution as possible.

Our new activity is Chasing the Northern Lights! We use the Lofoten Islands and parts of Hinnøy to look for areas with clear skies and with Northern Lights.

Get ready for a magical evening, take an "afternoon rest" if needed, dress up warm and have your camera with manual photography and a tripod with you.

Pick-up service by the Tourist Information in Svolvær at 19:50. (Torget 18) After 26th of March 2016, the pick up is at 20:50. (summertime)

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