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Experience Northern Lights dancing above you in the sky while walking on ancient paths in nature and travels back in time in your imagination.

In ancient times people in Lofoten walked on foot from village to village, and in the dark period of the year only the moon, the stars and the Northern Lights illuminated the road. We will take you on a trip that you will experience as in the “good old days”. You walk on the paths that can not be reached by car and where artificial light does not exist. There is darkness and you can see amazing light play in the sky.

The Northern Lights are always moving. They appear and disappear and show up a while later again. You have unlimited view to the sky during the trip and immediately experience everything that happens there. The Northern Lights are the magic of the sky, but you also see shooting stars, stars and planets. There is nothing that disturbs this wonderful show. You will have the feeling of being in one with nature.

The route begins in Svolvær and leads to shoreline in Kabelvåg in different hiking areas, up and down the slopes. The only artificial light source is your headlamp. Hiking in the darkness during the winter time is very nordic experience and you will be part of it. While walking, you use walking poles that support you. We will return to Svolvær by public bus transport.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and we can not guarantee that it shows up on this tour. We check the conditions in advance to maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. But we can guarantee that you get an authentic experience in the Lofoten landscape that you have never seen before this way.

Price: NOK 1090,- pro person
Duration : 4 hours
Number of persons: 1 - 8

This is included in price:
• Nordic walking poles
• Headlamp and reflex
• Ticket for bus
• Warm drink
• Guide

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