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Address: Hamnegata 9, 8480 Andenes

The waters of Andenes are highly productive, attracting a great diversity of both baleen and toothed whales! The most common sightings in Summer are Sperm whales, who stay here whole year round. The sight of a Sperm whale is really an overwhelming experience that already inspired Melville's tale about Moby Dick. It is the largest toothed whale in the world, growing up to 20 m and 60 tons! Get your camera ready to take outstanding shots of the Sperm whale fluke before they dive!

Whale watching trips to Sperm whales and other whales

Our spring and summer whale watching trips take place daily between May and September and are weather-dependent. If you would like to organise a tour in April and October, please contact us beforehand.

Our aim is to spend as much time as possible with the whales on each trip. Therefore, we do our best to find the whales before we even go out at sea. To do this we have a lookout present at the top of our red Andene's lighthouse. Here we can search for whales that are up to 25 km's from land with the use of high-power binoculars. In addition to this, we actively collaborate with local researchers such as Norwegian Orca Survey to enhance our whale sightings. Therefore, we are lucky to encounter whales on an estimated 98% of our trips.
RIBs are very safe boats and perfect for nature photography. We can switch off the propellers when we are close to the whales, and also have nice trips to where the whales are. In addition, RIBs reduce the risk of beeing seasick.

Note: Wildlife watching is weather dependent, particularly in the Arctic. Therefore it is a good idea to plan two days or more for your stay around Andenes, just in case waves or fog inhibit a whale watching trip. Please, contact us or read the FAQs.

How we do whalewatching in Spring and Summer

Arrival: Please be at the SeaSafari Brygga (office and guesthouse) 30 minutes prior to departure.

Reception: Check-in and informative introduction about whales and the sea as well as a safety briefing. When necessary, information is given in different languages (English, Norwegian, German, Dutch, and Spanish).

Getting ready for the sea: We provide a thermo-floatation suit and a life-vest which is mandatory, Please, wear warm and comfortable woolen or fleece clothes, in winter long under wear e.g. merino is recommended as well as warm boots.

Boarding: Together we go to the boats, just next to the reception.

Tour: Off we go! Depending on where the whales are, we drive between 15 - 50 minutes to their position. When we approach the whales we do operate very respectfully in their proximity, following our code of conduct for whale watching.
The spring/summer tours last between 2,5 and 3,5 hours and take place from May to September (weather-dependent). Please, contact us beforehand for whale watching in October and April.

Back on land: From the harbor we go back to the reception where we change and enjoy some warm soup, bread, coffee and tea, and during our trip summary you can get more information on the whales you just watched.

For the whale watching trips, we provide
- Water-repellent thermo flotation suit
- Life-vest

We recommend to wear
- warm middle-layer (e.g. fleece)
- comfortable cloths
- warm jumper
- beani and gloves
- warm, waterproof shoes/boots

Duration: 2,5 - 3,5 hours

Max.passenger number: 12/boat

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