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  • Northern lights safari with RIB boat - Lofoten Rafting Adventures

Northern lights safari with RIB boat - Lofoten Rafting Adventures

Address: Sjømannsgata 5, 8300 Svolvær Show map

Address: Sjømannsgata 5, 8300 Svolvær

Northern lights trip

To stand beneath the dark sky, only lit up and colored by the beautiful northern lights. It is like balm to your soul. We recommend a northern lights safari by RHIB, to truly enjoy the light, far away from the noise and disturbing light

The northern lights are visible when the solar wind is particularly strong. The dancing light appears when protons and electrons are flung out from the sun and collides with the atmosphere. The northern lights are visible in an oval ring around the magnetic North Pole.

possible 01.01-15.03.16. Departure 19:00 mon-saturday. Duration 30 min before departures.

Minimum 6 pax.


Safety is in focus on all our trips. Our boatmen have a solid nautical education and work experience. We have accurate knowledge of the water around the Lofoten Islands. Our company has developed our own security handling system pursuant to Norwegian laws, and all our boatmen have received training in the system. Before takeoff, we go through our security routines, and our passengers get equipped with personal mandatory survival equipment. We distribute thermal flotation suits, life jackets and goggles. Caps and gloves are distributed if needed. Our passengers should wear warm underwear and warm shoes.


Pregnant women and people with back and neck problems.


Many people are under the impression that RHIB-tours are only for those who likes high speed and action, but that is not the case. Our trips are appropriate for most people. All passengers are assigned their own seat with back support. We adjust the speed to what is comfortable for our passengers. Often those who are the most skeptical when entering the boat, are the most pleased when they get out. Our boats are very stable and secure, and they can handle most conditions. The weather will seldom be a cause to cancel a trip. Personal equipment such as cameras and mobile phones are brought along at your own risk.

Departure from the docks in Svolvær, but at your request, we are able to pick you up somewhere else.

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