Address: Uraveien 23, 8320 Skrova Date: Tuesday 12 apr 2016 - Sunday 31 Dec 2017 Show map

Address: Uraveien 23, 8320 Skrova

Skrovabrygga is a restaurant, café, and pub situated on the small island Skrova half an hours ferry ride from Svolvær. The ferry from Skutvik will bring you to the island in one and a half hour, and if you come from Bodø the Hurtigbåt will do it in two and a half hour. If you have your own boat you can off course use our floating dock and go straight up to the terrasse.

At Skrovabrygga you'll get authentic local food because the cod, anglerfish, halibut, lumpfish, salmon and whale are all caught in the area surrounding Skrova. This means that you should feel assured that it's caught, cut, packed and delivered by the hands of the fishermen, salmon butchers and whale slaughterhouse of the island. When you sink your teeth into the halibut's white delicate meat or when the scent of the salmon's pink flesh reaches your nostrils, or when your eyes beam down at the nutritious red whale steak - there should be no doubt about it

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    0047 9160 4263
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    During summer season: Every day from 11:00 to 23:00 Out of summer season: Café almost every saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 and restaurant and pub will open upon request.

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